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Fall '17

Office Dashboard

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Throughout 2017, I worked on Managed by Q’s customer facing Office Dashboard. As the company shifted from a vertical commercial cleaning service to a marketplace for office services, I lead the design of the new e-commerce and ordering experience for office services. In the second half of 2017, I transitioned into managing the design team responsible for building out this experience.


Managed by Q


Q2 2017 - Q1 2018


Lead Designer
Design Manager
User Research
Product Strategy


Alex Brinza
Claudio Vallejo
Angelique Belizaire
Jean Shim


Note: Some of the work presented below was done in collaboration with the talented desigers at Managed by Q under my leadership. See individual captions for attribution.


Jean Shim

Homepage - Service browsing experience

Alex Brinza

Service detail

Alex Brinza

Quote - Overview

Alex Brinza, Angelique Belizaire

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Alex Brinza, Claudio Vallejo

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Claudio Vallejo

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Alex Brinza, Angelique Belizaire